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hey boys, could ya'll do me what i would consider a huge favor?

my ...lack of a better term... "friend" mike is really feeling not good. could ya'll work that voodoo that you do to help him feel better? (whether is immunics, reiki, prayer, etc.)

this may sound crazy, but if you put your energy on this person in question, it'll get to the right person... that's the awesome power of intent :-)


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happy thoughts going to your

happy thoughts going to your friend and you!

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Hey... My paryers and

My paryers and positive thoughts are with you and your friend. Hope all is well!

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Cat lovers usually ask for

Cat lovers usually ask for purrs for healing, good luck, etc. I am going to have my gang of 4 send out mega purrs for Mike.

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heck - if nothing else -

heck - if nothing else - sending out positive energy never *hurts*...
MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Done. Well wishes on it's

Done. Well wishes on it's way.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog COndsider it done, I agree with Mike as well. Good vibrations going out!!!

The very act of you

The very act of you requesting this has put the question to the Universe. You have asked. By asking, you are expecting. NOW: it is up to you to Receive. That's the hard part. The Universe ALWAYS responds: for the simple reason that you are a Creator. Intention + Expectation = fulfillment. The Universe can do little else but obey it's own laws. Attraction always *wills* out in the end.
Blessings to your friend and you . ..

~Mike in Tampa
Yahoo Id: stickywarp2001

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thank you very much for the

thank you very much for the reminder, Mike. Glad to see others who know of the Law of Attraction.

and THANK YOU to all you guys for your help