I am so confused right now...

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Another squirrelly dilemma. WTF is this pattern? I am so confused.

Soooo, the short rows were easy peasy, and I totally get them.

But......After I finished the turn, I knitted the next row and ended up with 17sts on my needle, so right on targe. Then it said, "Using double pointed needles, work the following round:..."

So then I start knitting and after I get to the end of the row I start thinking, "Wait...did that mean they wanted me to join it?" On top of that, I don't know where the F they want me to go from here. It makes ZERO sense to me.

Okay, so knitting up the back, there were 21 rows. It told me to mark both ends of the tenth row with pins. So I did. Okay. Then after I did my short row, I did one additional row where I was required to mark each end for THAT row with pins as well.

The round it's telling me to work is as follows, with exact same punctuation:
"ssk, k13, k2tog; pick up & knit 10 sts down side of face to pin; knit across front 6 stitches; from next pin, pick up & knit 10 sts up side of face. Mark as beginning of round."

Okay, so is that all in the same round, or are the pickup&knits separate? And what 7 sts are they talking ...wait...hang on..

oh lord...okay. Nevermind. I get it. LOL No, I was NOT supposed to join (thank God). I see now. I knit down the side, then there're 6 sts that I was supposed to leave on a spare needle from when I was knitting the front as it's own piece.

Okay, it sounds to me like it's going to look really F'd up, but whatever. LOL Trusting the pattern at this point.

Sorry to ramble! Glad I came on to post...it helps to think things through in the written word for me. This squirrel better be amazing, though. LOL

Love you all!


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And honestly, some of those

And honestly, some of those directions sound suspiciously like the directions for socks. And as I think of it, a stuffed animal is in a sense a big, stuffed sock...albeit of a slightly odd shape. I agree, after this you should try a pair of socks, it would probably be a piece of cake.

You should also print out all of your various posts about this project and use them as wrapping paper for the squirrel. Your boyfriend needs to know exactly how much agonizing, frustrating work has gone into the project. And if he decides (as he should!) to 'gift you back' appropriately.......woo hoo!!!!

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LMAO I love the idea of

LMAO I love the idea of using my agony as a prelude to the gift. Mmmm...delicious guilt-colored wrapping paper. What a marvelous idea. Printing begun. LOL

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Joshua, From what you've


From what you've described so far, socks have got to be much easier. I've done I don't know how many socks, but I would never attempt a stuffed animal.


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Yes. A pair of socks will

Yes. A pair of socks will be on the horizon. No more squirrels.

Although, I saw a hedgehog that looked really cute.......

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If it turns out to look

If it turns out to look completely insane, you could always stick it to your shoulder next halloween and put fake blood running down your neck. From the sounds of it though, you won't have to do a wig to make big bald spots on your head.

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Yeah, and on the plus side,

Yeah, and on the plus side, my dog wouldn't recognize it as a squirrel, which is good because she HATES them and would probably shred it if she could tell that's what it was. Heh.

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I can tell you right now,

I can tell you right now, even if this ends up looking like the crazed mutant squirrel from Denebula - it's going to be one fantastic SUPER-Squirrel. Just think how much you've learned from it already.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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You got that right!

You got that right! Thinking this was a good starting point to learn how to knit socks.