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I am now well into the body of my handspun sweater. Here are pictures of the body and arm steek in progress. Next up will be the neck steek in another 5 inches. I am weaving in on the back instead of stranding. This has prevented a puckering problem.

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Wow. I've done my handspun

Wow. I've done my handspun in gloves, mittens, socks and scarves, but never a sweater...Oh wait. I remember last year miles of spun dog fur for an afghan...

This is great. I'm curious: You didn't prespin all the yarn you'd need to complete the sweater...just kind of doing it as you go? Is it singles, two ply? what weight yarn?

It's handsome.

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Great work.

Great work.

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Beautiful pattern, I look

Beautiful pattern, I look forward to seeing the finished sweater.

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Oh nice Albert! I love the

Oh nice Albert! I love the diamond design. Can't wait to see how it looks when it is finished :)

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That's looking

That's looking great.


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Yes, the pattern for the

Yes, the pattern for the diamond motif I took from Native American pottery on the Alltribes website. As for the overall sweater it is simply a drop shoulder steeked sweater that I am knitting from my gauge and measurement calculations- no actual pattern. I have to spin up some more yarn tonight to continue, so off I go!

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Albert, that lookks great.

Albert, that lookks great. Is it your own pattern?

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Wow, it's coming along

Wow, it's coming along nicely! I can't wait to see the finished product!

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I agree! And, I get better

I agree! And, I get better results with the weaving method instead of carrying floats.