Thanks, Darrel!

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I know that this topic has been touched on before, but I just have to add to it!

I love this website! I have been a member for almost one year and I have never seen anything like this (us)! We are truly a family. We ask for advice, whether it be for knitting or life in general, and we get it, free from bias and judgment. We ask for friendship and we get it, even though we don't really know each other. Sorry, I guess I am getting hormonal here at Christmas! LOL

Thank you, Darrel! You have created a wonderful website! I am proud to be a member!

Merry Christmas, everyone!!



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I stay logged in during the

I stay logged in during the daytime at work, because I might actually get a chance to communicate with the people whose company I prefer to share.

If I spend any time at the computer at home, I do the same thing.

I don't spend ALL of my time, naturally here, but, I stay logged in, so that all I have to do is click the window and SOMEONE'S familiar face (or login name) is here. least the folks here are REAL.


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Yes, Thanks Darrell - I no

Yes, Thanks Darrell - I no longer have to knit in solitude, or amongst those who think it's 'quaint' that I knit. My family understands, but the 'world at large' doesn't, so it's great to come to a place and feel welcomed, and express myself.

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I'll have to add my ditto,

I'll have to add my ditto, here. Thank you, Darrel. It's great to have such a supportive, encouraging group of people to network with. I, too, sign in from work and leave it on; refreshing from time to time to see what is going on. It's very inspiring seeing all the beautiful work that others have shared here on MWK.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I enjoy the site as well, and visit daily, see what the other boys are making! An outlet for creativit is always welcomed!

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Ditto. I'm very glad to have

Ditto. I'm very glad to have this site as well.


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I agree completely, being

I agree completely, being from a very small town its difficult to meet others with similar interests that are different from the "norm". I have been logging in and letting it run, checking back frequently for new posts. I think I'm addicted!

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I agree with the other guys.

I agree with the other guys. I log in every day; great to see what other guys are working on, getting advice, etc. I, too, have made some friends here.


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I second everything that has

I second everything that has been said. Thanks so much Darrel.

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Ditto. I love this site. I

Ditto. I love this site. I won't admit to the number of times I log into this site each day, but my guess is it's a record holder.

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*grin* only because I

*grin* only because I normally only login once a day, tom! I spend 6 to 8 hours a day "here" - but that's because I cheat and use it as a "marker site" for my I monitor network and internet "health"

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

I really appreciate it for

I really appreciate it for the encouragement and advice I've received - and the humour is a bonus.

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I agree completely! Reading

I agree completely! Reading posts and comments always cheers me up, not simply because I like the sense of humour that I often find here, but also because everybody's so kind and supportive. I'm happy and proud to belong here.