Finally some progress!

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I've had trouble posting here so I apologize for skipping right to the (almost) finished project.

I used a pattern: Satchel

Black and green Cascade wool, begun in March and finally attended to the last month or so. Just in time for a trip to San Francisco! (It turned out a bit larger than I had hoped but I may be able to felt it a bit more.)

The I-Cord Bind Off was a lovely trick to learn... Not to mention I've never had to pick up so many stitches... I took way too much time on that, but now I think I have a good feel for it.


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I saw Tom's bag...(and the

I saw Tom's bag...(and the button, the day he bought it)
...and the bag is wonderful!!!

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I agree, this really looks

I agree, this really looks great and I love the color choice. A question though, (I have the eyesight of a 90 year old), what is the little detail on the front flap? A really cool button maybe? My squinting is getting me nowhere.

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It is indeed a really cool

It is indeed a really cool button... The blue thing to the left is a diaper-pin I've been using in the interim....

The button is a mark of pride/shame... I caved and spent far too much money on such a gem, but hey, $17 on a vacation for a nifty touch of class, why not?

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That looks great!!!! I've

That looks great!!!!
I've had the pattern for some time now. Just haven't gotten around to making it. Too much in the works right now. Thanks for the inspiration, enjoy using it.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog What a nice bag, you did an excellent job. I don't know if I would had the patience lol! Great Colors

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Nice bag, I have wanted to

Nice bag, I have wanted to try this pattern, in red for my daughter.

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It's a good pattern...

It's a good pattern... though I would recommend the smaller version... But then again I haven't re-washed it yet... This one was blocked on two huge phone books with room to spare if that's any indication of size.

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Cool bag! I've been wanting

Cool bag! I've been wanting to knit that pattern for a while now... And I agree, I-Cord bind off is great to know.

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It looks GREAT! A good

It looks GREAT! A good choice of colors, too. Definitely something you will get a lot of use with, and be proud of your work.

Doug (Parrot)

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Looks wonderful. Congrats on

Looks wonderful. Congrats on the great work. You'll be the envy of all those walking down the sidewalk.