A scarf for my dad


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Beautiful scarf.  I'd like

Beautiful scarf.  I'd like to try a wool/hemp blend.  Did it wash well?

As for my Better Half, there's a good question.  We were married in Canada under their laws so I use the word spouse.  Here in New Zealand we have Civil Unions which apply to straight and gay couples alike and provide all the same legal benefits as marriage.  Here, the term used in the media and by the majority of Kiwis is "partner" whether they're referring to an opposite sex or same sex partner.  I switch between spouse and partner but porbably use partner more frequently now.  My man and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary this 16 February.

Jesse, 25 years that's

25 years that's fabulous.
We're in our 9th. You know people think that New York is so on top if things but in my mind matters like this are so behind the times. Don't get me wrong it's a fabulous city but, America is still a very puritanical country & behind the times in so many ways. inches, cups & gallons. What's that about. Hello metric!

Must agree with you -- I'm

Must agree with you -- I'm so glad that knitting is making a splash these days. Maybe some of our tighter citizens will learn to loosen up as they learn to knit. Think so? Naah -- not that bunch.

Doesn't matter if a sweater is 48 inches or 110 cm around the chest -- I can wear either one with equal gusto. I've noticed the math works out better in metrics and that makes design easier. Other than that ...

Have fun, 

It was from Mother Nature's

It was from Mother Nature's Yarn, a 50% hemp & 50% wool. Walnut Brown. It was good to work with but did make my hands dry. After I made it I washed it & the texture was really great. So great I'm making another for myself & my significant other.

Point of information. What do we call our boyfriends? hubby, significant other, guy friend, partner.................

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very interesting yarn...i'll

very interesting yarn...i'll def give it a try.

hubby?.....i dunno, whatever floats your boat i guess

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looks nice and warm! what

looks nice and warm! what yarn did you use?