Crochet Gothic Sun Hat Lateral View

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My hat was inspired by the Gothic Quarters of Barcelona. A knit version will not be hard using the Colorstranding Techniques. This is the Lateral view of the Hat. Thanks for stopping by!


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I kind of use some of them, give some away to friends and I actually sell some hats, it depends. I have actuallymade 4 to orderin which the person allows me to make the design I want, all I do is ask them to choose the yarn. At this time I actually have about 15 hats and I am in my way of getting rid of the old cotton hats and recycling them. I will be replacing my old hats with Bamboo or bamboo blends and the rest with merino wool. I want to make one with the Sari Silk Yarn, let's see what happens.

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What a great hat. I can't

What a great hat. I can't help but wonder where you put them all? Or do you have a host of friends with cozy (and distinctive) heads thanks to you?

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Love your hat, Andy. You

Love your hat, Andy. You seem to make quite a few, what do you do with them?