Cabled Fingerless Mitts

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These were a fun project for the last 2 evenings. I knitted them in Tahki Zara Plus, which is a super-wash Merino that was on clearance sale at Jimmy Beans. The pattern is from Knitty: "Fetching". I believe they were intended for a woman but they fit my big hands very comfortably. I eliminated the picot cast-off because that did seem too feminine for my tastes.

This wool is amazing to work with, giving great stitch definition and having lots of stretch when knitted. Now for some cool weather to wear them in. Still in the 70s during the days and 60s at night here in Southwestern Florida but a cold front is on the way next weekend. Maybe I can wear some of my knitting finally?


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These make me feel old.

These make me feel old. Anything that makes me say "when I was growing up...." does that to me.

When I was growing up, only band members wore fingerless gloves. It seems in recent years that I see more fingerless gloves than full gloves or mittens. I think I'd wear these, though.... I adore cables, and I like the earthy color that still manages to bring out the elaborate cable work.

I just started those same

I just started those same gloves yesterday evening, though I'm using a Patons Blue Tweed for the yarn... gauge is about the same (a couple mm larger after blocking) but the wrist part feels nice and firm around the wrist, and I was tempted to just bind off the first cabled section as a wrist warmer. These are my first gloves, though, and I'm doing them preperatory to attempting this:

How do the gloves wear? Also, how did you block them? I've only blocked scarves and hats before... should I just hand-wash and then wear them?

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I don't know anyone that

I don't know anyone that would wear those Queen of Hearts gloves, but I want to knit them nonetheless. Maybe I should just avoid MWK for awhile, sometimes I get *too* inspired by coming here.

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I I frequently wear

I I frequently wear fingerless mitts in combination with half-fingered gloves. I used to not wear anything on my hands no matter how cold - because I just didn't have any manual dexterity wearing gloves - even frigid my bare hands had more grip. the half-fingered glove give me the dexterity - and then a fingerless mitt over them doubles the warmth. Love 'em!
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They look great. I don't

They look great. I don't quite get the appeal of fingerless mittens, but your work looks perfect.


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I like fingerless mittens

I like fingerless mittens because my hands are always cold in the winter, with fingerless mittens I can still knit and type and they keep my hands warm. I also made a set for my daughter when she worked the ticket window at the local ski resort. With the window always open she would freeze, but with these gloves she got some warmth and still able to handle paper easily.

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oh these are wonderful!

oh these are wonderful! And I don't find them feminine at all, in fact, I'd like to know where you got the pattern, due to the encouragement I'm getting here, I'm practicing knitting in the round and I'd like to try this for my fiance since he keep saying he need new mittens.

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The pattern is a free

The pattern is a free download from and here's the link:

These were fun and shouldn't be too challenging for a first-timer knitting in the round. I used Clover Bamboo double-pointed needles in size 6. Good luck!

PS These mittens are so warm and cozy I slept in them last night!

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Thanks! I'll have to look

Thanks! I'll have to look into it.

I agree with Asbjorn...and

I agree with Asbjorn...and the cabling looks flawless.

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The color and the cabling

The color and the cabling gives them a real earthy effect, like tree roots. I think they're quite handsome, (no pun intended).