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Tim (teejtc) started up a nice idea of the "Tradition" gift a while back. Patrick (celowin) was the next to offer something and now I'd like to follow suit and offer a gift. My gift is a set of 10 pewter stitch markers in Celtic patterns. They are brand new and unused. I have attached a photo to show how nice they are. Just email your name to me and I'll put each into my knitting bag and draw out a winner. I'll give this a fortnight to run (ending on the 9 December). Don't worry about the international postage; I know all about that! Cheers!


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We put all the names into a

We put all the names into a bag and our son pulled out the winner: Yugidean! Congratulations to him and thanks to all who participated. These can be found at Patternworks.

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Those are awesome! I'll

Those are awesome! I'll refrain from entering my name for them though as I already have a set of custom made markers and perhaps someone who lacks nice ones will win.

I'll be watching for your post regarding where they can be purchased.


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Wow wow wow, those are so

Wow wow wow, those are so much cooler than the poopy plastic ones in my knitting bag, I didn't know they made them look so cool. I saw stitch markers with beads etc. but never any this artistic. Drool.

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They're beautiful, where

They're beautiful, where did you find them?

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I'll tell when the drawing

I'll tell when the drawing is over! I love high class knitting objects!