Finished Melissa's Hat

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As I am holed up in a hotel room I finally found the time to finish the hat I've been knitting for one of the Applebee's bartenders. It kind of rough looking on purpose as it's meant to go with her corduroy coat. I hope she likes it.


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Thanks everyone. It earned

Thanks everyone. It earned me a couple of hugs.


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I really like that

I really like that colourway! it's like a sunrise on a butterscotch sundae - or something....

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Mmmm butterscotch, on

Mmmm butterscotch, on second thought, Hold the butter!

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Mason...that's GREAT hat

Mason...that's GREAT hat !!!
...and I'm sure she'll be delighted...and very touched that you knit it for her!

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I'm sure she will, it's a

I'm sure she will, it's a beautiful hat.