Happy Thanksgiving

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hey guys - just wanted to wish each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving (here in the USA) - it's great to have all of you as friends and here's to many many more years of knitting together!




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The hubby cooked

The hubby cooked Thanksgiving dinner for his sisters and their families this year. Tradition now, since their mom moved to Florida. I travelled north to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family which I haven't done in years. But I can't wait to get home. I have a wine making project going at home and I'm supposed to do my bottling this weekend!

I hope everyone is safe and happy, well fed, and has found at least one thing to be thankful for.

Peace and best wishes...


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We bagged the idea of going

We bagged the idea of going to Portland, since we had sick kids. Who wants to drive 4 1/2 hours and then stay in a hotel with sick kids? So instead, I knitted a couple of hats for Christmas gifts for a family with two little boys. My son proudly models one of the hats.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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Thanksgiving Greetings from

Thanksgiving Greetings from Green Valley, Arizona......76 degrees with blue skies and a gentle breeze.

Just finished a wonderful holiday meal in the courtyard with family, friends and new Arizona acquaintances. Now for a week of sun and relaxation before returning to the great Pacific Northwest.

Knit on........
PS Have finished two works in progress since arriving and have a few more to get started on while here!

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Hey Kyle! Happy

Hey Kyle! Happy Thanksgiving! See you soon!

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I've the house to myself - a

I've the house to myself - a rare occasion - so I've been knitting with the fireplace going and some good movies on the tube.
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Happy Thanksgiving. I'm

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm spending mine holed up in a hotel in WI. I had smoked turkey and swiss cheese sandwiches for my meal as all the restaurants are closed.


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