Not knitted but stitched using up oddments of knitting wool.  Florentine stitch on canvas


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wonderful Bargello!  I

wonderful Bargello!


I am a big fan of bargello [bar-zjello].  I've done a couple of pieces, this is very nice.  And a wonderful project with odd bits.

Thank you!  I love Bargello

Thank you!  I love Bargello and the working of it is suprisingly easy - you just follow the previous row but I found sitting and using the frame quite tiring and it gave me a bad neck ache.  I've covered a music stool and worked some smaller pieces, also from odd bits as well as some petit point.  I'll have to start a thrift site... Thanks once again. 


Wow! Now that is awesome! I

Wow! Now that is awesome! I am greatly crestfallen to see it isn't a knitted pattern! So if you say it is stitched up, then you used a needle and thread and put each stitch onto a piece of fabric, correct?


Yep!  it was made with

Yep!  it was made with oddments of double-knitting wool.  I think that's what's called 'sport's weight' in the USA. (I also made a couple of pedal covers for an old harmonium but they were less patterned). Yes, each stitch is done with a needle into canvas.  I think I used 8 sts/inch.  It's a really good way of using up wool and there's loads of small items that turn out well such as glasses cases, purses, sewing needle holders etc.


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Very nice design but I must

Very nice design but I must say it makes my eyes a little wonky on the screen!!