My So Called Scarf

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Not sure what I think about My So Called Scarf. I think the confluence of the pattern, the lumpy-bumpy-ness, and the colors make for an explosion of visuals. Sort of reminds me of a strip of landscaping. Or the bottom of an aquarium. Or a rock garden. Not sure. I tried to find the Manos del Uruguay at my LYS and DIY stores, but they didn't have it and my local DIY store had this hand dyed yarn from a farm in Connecticut. I'd never tried anything with this type of yarn... I'm more of a conservative knitter I think, I like uniformity and symmetry I guess. Anyway, here it is, in all of its glory.


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I understand your point

I understand your point about enjoying the conservative knitting styles but the scarf look amazing. I struggled with the pattern and gave up. Your scarf is interesting and it does look like a landscape.Be proud of it!!

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I think it came out

I think it came out beautiful. What is this yarn? And where I could get some?

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Thanks! The yarn is Lumpy

Thanks! The yarn is Lumpy Bumpy Yarn "Slate" from Farmhouse Yarns ( in Connecticut. I bought it at Fancy Tiger in Denver. The Farmhouse Yarns website has a list of retailers at, but I'm not sure it's complete since it didn't include the place where I found mine.

There is a new store called

There is a new store called I Love Knitting on Leetsdale and been to it?

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I haven't. Thanks for

I haven't. Thanks for letting me know. I'm not even sure where Holly is. Have to look on google maps, or ask Matt. He knows where everything is.

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Thank you. :)

Thank you. :)

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The scarf is beautiful. I

The scarf is beautiful. I wish I could touch it. Your choice of yarn is right on. Well done!!