My Attempts at calling myself a knitter.

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well I figured it was time to show you some of what I have done and what I am working on. I didn't take pics of all my WIP's figured I should leave something for later :D This is by no means everything I've knit, just the more recent things I have been working on. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of the sweater that I am most proud of. I made it for my daughter 2 years ago for xmas, and because of my LYS conviently "forgot" to order yarn for me for almost a year, I ended up ordering the yarn from Europe (the only place I could find the color I wanted) and recieved it 5 days before xmas. I amazingly finished this first attempt at a sweater Xmas morning about 10minutes before she woke up, I didn't even have time to wrap it. The Pattern is Husky and I did the sweater in Jaeger's Natural Fleece Damask and Fur Red. I'll have to talk her into putting the camera I got her last year to good use and get me some pictures of it. FO's are modeled by my Beautiful daughter who was none too pleased to have mom shoving stuff on her at 6 am and taking pics. Please try to not pay attention to my extremely messy craft room.
The run Down, info is vague because I suffer from a severe case of CRS:
Fingerless Mittens done in a discontinued yarn from Knitpicks 100% Merino (can't remember the name)
Hat and scarves all done in Wool-Ease
Wrap done in Voodoo by Patons
Shawl done in some yarn, can't remember. But I like how it kind of looks like fur
Heirloom Aran Sweater is done in Wool of the Andes.

comments welcome, but please be gentle with me. :D

elongated brick stitch scarf828.04 KB
Dark Mark Illusion Scarf top view583.56 KB
Dark Mark Illusion Scarf flat view594.21 KB
Wrap554.37 KB
Shawl406.93 KB
Heirloom Aran Sweater849.1 KB


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog The Wrap is lovely and the other items as well/ I see you keep yourself almost out of trouble. lol! Thanks for sharing.

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almost being the key word in

almost being the key word in that statement!

And lovely hands too!

And lovely hands too!

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I'll not tell her you said

I'll not tell her you said that, her head is big enough as it is!

I like your humor~

I like your humor~

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ok so she ended up seeing

ok so she ended up seeing your comment, but before she said anything I reminded her that her fingers are creepy and pointed. I think I barely avoided a week of smug looks and her showing me her hands.

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Great projects, all. Did

Great projects, all. Did you manage to fend your daughter off from stealing the fingerless mittens?

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I did! with promises of

I did! with promises of making her a set after the xmas rush is over :/

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Love the tassel things on

Love the tassel things on your wrap. Great job.

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Why do you say "attempts"?

Why do you say "attempts"? Look fine to me!

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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I'd say you're a knitter.

I'd say you're a knitter. Doing a sweater that fast amazes me. It takes me longer than that to do a scarf.


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Well it was pure desperation

Well it was pure desperation that drove me to knit it this fast. Unfortunately I didn't learn about blocking until after it was done and I can't get her to give it back to me to block it out. She loves it, so I guess that's all that matters. after I finished this sweater I ended up on pain pills and soaking my hand almost hourly to get the swelling down. Thankfully it was done on large needles or I would have never finished it on time.

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VERY VERY NICE WORK!!!!! i have a buttload of voodoo that i haven't the drive to do anything with. lol