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Have anyone Knitted with Ribbon before, if so how did your project come out.


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I knitted an evening vest of

I knitted an evening vest of black silk/rayon ribbon...cabled...
...it's handsome...
Pictures soon...
getting ready to knit a cabled scarf of silver ribbon for a knitting store window display...

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My partner is currently

My partner is currently knitting a mohair scarf for his sister-in-law and he is running a silk ribbon along side it. Looks beautiful!! He has said (as in other comments) that you really have to let your needles set the tension and keep it loose.

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I think ribbon has it's

I think ribbon has it's place, but not for everything. I have used a ribbon by itself to knit a small purse for a friend. It turned out great. I'm also using a ribbon now as part of a 5 fiber strand scarf. It, too, is knitting up very nicely, especially when combined with other fibers. The best thing to do is try it with your projects and see how you like it.


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I knit my daughter a sweater

I knit my daughter a sweater out of some ribbon-like stuff. Loved it.

It was a little hard to get used to since it didn't have any give or stretch but once I learned to knit it with a very loose tension I really ended up enjoying it.


Give it a try...

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