Suki's first knitted sweater.

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My two year old chihuahua is really digging her new sweater! I've made her a ton of crocheted sweaters since she was born, but this is the first since I got bit by the knitting bug. The pattern is from Debbie Stoller's book "Stitch 'N Bitch" with some sizing revisions for her unusually small stature (don't let her big ears fool you). What do you think Suk's...time for a cabled aran?


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Chihuahua's are the best and

Chihuahua's are the best and now Suki will be checking her bad self in every mirror she can find. I knitted sweaters for my friend's two chihuahuas (Diego Riverhuahua and Frieda Kahlohuahua) but they were nowhere as beautiful as Ms. Suki's new one.

What a lil' poser!

What a lil' poser!

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OMG...super cute. Way cuter

OMG...super cute. Way cuter than that blue, aran cabled thing I knitted for my girl Periwinkle!!! ...I still need to put the velcro attachments on that thing...

In any case, the sweater AND your dog are BEYOND cute. Hehe.

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Well it looks like little

Well it looks like little Miss Suki is going to be the envy of all the other dogs in town. She looks like such a live diva in her new sweater. I love it.