My Niece

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My grandniece in something I made for her. From one of the Mission Falls kids booklets using their 1842 cotton yarn.


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Yes, I agree, Tim. I like

Yes, I agree, Tim. I like knitting for children because it goes so much faster. I am a big guy (6'3", 46"chest, 190#) so it seems to take forever to make something interesting for myself. I get bored about half way through. But for a kid my interest can be sustained until the end. Or at least until it is time to finish it, and then I procrastinate for weeks until the child has grown too big for it. :-)

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Isn't knitting for kids a

Isn't knitting for kids a blast... Everything whips up so quickly. I knit my daughter a pair of socks on Thursday evening and Friday morning - Adult socks take me a couple of weeks. Same fun... less time.

(Now, If I can only figure out what I did with those size 3 needles.... I had five of them... 3 of them are part way through a sock... two of them were being used SOMETIME last night but seem to have disappeared... How do I loose 2 needles??!)

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what a cutie....and the

what a cutie....and the outfit is great!

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What a doll! I'm glad there

What a doll! I'm glad there are other babies getting new outfits in addition to my 7 month old granddaughter and 2 month old grandson!


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Very cute! Nice color

Very cute! Nice color selection.

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She's almost as cute as any

She's almost as cute as any of my seven...though I will admit I am prejudiced. *g*
MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Before I even got to read

Before I even got to read your post my first thought was Adorable! oh and the baby is cute too. Just kidding. I love those big eyes :)