Transparent Graph Paper

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Does anyone know if there is such thing as transparent graph paper for tracing a pattern from a photo? I tried Googling it but had no luck. Thanks Guys.


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You could also pixelate the

You could also pixelate the picture on your computer then blow it up so you can see the squares.

Here is a link to a web site

Here is a link to a web site that creates downloadable
graph paper to your specifications in pdf form:

You can then print it out on any paper stock you choose
(or at least that is compatible with your printer).

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Thanks Celowin, This is

Thanks Celowin,

This is exactly what I had in mind- an easy way for the drawing impaired (me) to cheat, uh, I mean develop designs for color knitting.

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Something like this? It

Something like this? It isn't completely transparent, but designed for exactly what you want to do.