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How is it that I cast on carefully....count every stitch about 2 or 3 times, knit the first row PERFECTLY(!!) and on the 2nd row....nothing matches up?!
All's I'm doing is 5x4 ribbing....what the hell. Damn elves stealing my stitches

***EDIT***: tired ass forgot to mention that i was knitting in the round :P
oops..sorry guys


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It could be elves, or it

It could be elves, or it could be glitches. Few people realize that glitches will migrate from the nearest computer to knitting faster then the common cold can spread in a crowded room. Theory is that the natural habitat of glitches was knitting prior to the invention of the computer.
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LOL... okay, well I always

LOL... okay, well I always say rounds rather than rows when knitting in the round so I assumed you were knitting flat. Since you are knitting double stranded it's pretty likely that you worked each strand of a stitch thinking it was 2 stitches. That is a pretty common error when working double stranded.

I'm working on a Fishermans Rib. Once you know the stitch pattern it is very easy to do and I'm on the 2nd sleeve. So I've made the back, fronts and a sleeve, I should know the pattern. On the row of the MC you wrap the yarn around the needle and slip the next stitch. On the following row with the CC you knit the slip st and wrap together. More than once I've forgotten to wrap and knit the sl st with the previous st. I only discover this when I count my sts and I'm one st short. Of course I go back and recount 2 or 3 times to make sure I didn't miscount. Then I decide to look through my last row where I find a spot that has 2 purls between the sl st rather than 3.

So the knitting elves bite us all no matter how well we know what we are doing.

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I think it's the elves.

I think it's the elves.

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I make the most mistakes

I make the most mistakes when tired (or drinking). If you're losing stitches you're either dropping them or doing decreases without realizing it.
Or elves are stealing them.


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i probably ended up

i probably ended up knitting/purling a y/o thinking it was a knit/purl stitch (i was knitting double-stranded). DAMN ELVES!

PaganCub's picture tired ass forgot to tired ass forgot to mention that i was knitting in the round :P
oops..sorry guys

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OK, it's late so I'm going

OK, it's late so I'm going to ask a very obvious question...

So if I understand you correctly, you are doing K5, P4 ribbing. You do realize that when you turn your work for the 2nd row what you will see is K4, P5 ribbing. Your work won't match up if you try to work K5, P4 on both the odd and even rows. I'm hoping it is something as simple as that. If not then I would go with the stitch stealing elves, put down the knitting and go to sleep. Hopefully things will be better in the light of day.