Irish Hiking Scarf

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Just finished the Irish Hiking Scarf. I made one previously in red for the Red Scarf Project, but decided to see what it looked like in more of an Aran color. I really enjoy this pattern-- it's actually relaxing to knit and looks more difficult than it is.


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Very nice, I need to get

Very nice, I need to get knitting faster, so much I want to do and this is definately on my list.

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I love Aran designs. These

I love Aran designs.

These simple cables are just plain wonderful to look at -- for their simplicity, really.

You did excellent work.


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Great stuff!!!!

Great stuff!!!! That pattern is so effective - classic design! Stephen I know what you mean when you say that it's not as hard as it looks. Non-knitters always comment on cables and say how intricate the work is. But don't forget there IS a fair bit of skill involved. Signs of a good knitter are being able to do a range of techniques, doing them well and finding them relaxing. So mate I think that definitely puts you in the good kniiter category!!

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Beautiful! ... I knitted a

I knitted a sweater for my grandson using that cable rib combination...very satisfying... I'm doing a reversible cable baby blanket...

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That looks great. Really

That looks great. Really nice color.

Have you tried the Palindrome scarf yet? It's cool because the cables show on both sides.


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thank is so awesome!! I am

thank is so awesome!! I am new to kitting.