BRAINS! - Someone Tell Me Someone Can Turn This Into A Hat

The link points to a knitted bag that looks like a brain. It looks like it's a long stuffed knitted tube sewn together. This just begs to be transmogrified into a cool beanie.


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Having had a look at the

Having had a look at the brain bag. I would start by making a hatfisrt and use it as the foundation. The actual brain part looks as if it has been felted and stuffed with something.

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THAT BAG ROCKS and I love the idea of turning that into a hat! I know just the person who would wear such a unique piece, too! Hmm... I bet the tubing could even be done on one of those beginner knitter looms they sell at craft stores!!

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Hahahaha my first thought

Hahahaha my first thought was it would be a fabulous bike helmet.

Bill's picture could knit the could knit the tube on a large version of the old knittijng spool...LOL