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YarnFreak0208's picture I've got several community albums on Picsa, I hope this link works... if not you can go to and then look for YarnFreak0208 photo albums.
Now, I want to share some some information about a very nice yarn shop here in Southern Maryland. The shop is Located in Leonardtown Maryland and its called "Crazy for Ewe". I've been to the shop many times to purchase yarn, they carry Manos del Uruguay yarn and if you've read anything about me then you know I LOVE that yarn xoxo ! ! They have knitting classes and guest apperances. I only wish that the shop was closer to my home,so that I could go there more often, heehee
I have another blog that I "blog" on almost daily, with "almost" being the operative word here... this is the link for anyone that is interested in reading my thoughts on this and that
I am going to go do a little research on digital SLR cameras, I'm ready to up-grade from my current camera. I do have a passion for Nikon... Ta-ta for now guys...ttyl


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Interesting pics, thanks for

Interesting pics, thanks for sharing.


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Probably just me but that

Probably just me but that building would look great renovated....minus the possible pollution concerns!