I know this is grossly off topic, but I feel like I want to Show-and-Tell! So, we almost didn't get any pumpkins because they were nearly sold out, but me and my room mate managed to round up a couple of gourds.

Guess who this is...


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incredible.... I'm usually

incredible.... I'm usually happy with something that looks remotely like a mouth and a few eye-like holes. :-)

Grace and peace,

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This is fantastic! I wish we

This is fantastic! I wish we were more into this kind of thing here in England.

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You're as handsome in orange

You're as handsome in orange and black as you are in grey and black. LOL

Oooh, charring...that's a

Oooh, charring...that's a great idea...

No, I used a Sharpee (until it ran out...luckily, had some black acrylic paint on hand!) It's a shame they don't really have pumpkins all year round, because that was REALLY fun!

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Absolutely wonderful. Did

Absolutely wonderful. Did you do the dark parts with ink/magic marker? Or char the pumpkin skin?