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I knew I had three vests that only needed a bit of finishing and resolved this past weekend to get them finished. This is the first one and is knit with Jamieson and Smith Shetland on 3.5 mm needles. The colour pattern is from Sarah Don's book but the colours are different. I made up the actual pattern for the vest.


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Magnificent! I LOVE seeing


I LOVE seeing Fair Isle!

You did good work!


Very lovely...I love the

Very lovely...I love the pattern. I second Kerry's request to see the whole vest!!

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Beautiful work.

Beautiful work.

Wonderful job!

Wonderful job!

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Wow. This is amazing work.

Wow. This is amazing work. Great job. Yes. More pictures.

This is wonderful Ron, and a

This is wonderful Ron, and a good pattern. I, too, would like to see the complete vest.

What a beautiful piece of

What a beautiful piece of handiwork! I am constantly in awe of the wonderful projects you all share with us on this site! Believe me, it encourages me away from the usual single color stockinet or garter stitch work with which I'm so comfortable!

I do have a you knit with two yarns in the left hand, or with one yarn in each hand when knitting Fair Isle projects?


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More pictures please!

More pictures please! they look beautiful!

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Ron, that looks

Ron, that looks great...would be good to see the complete vest.

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Fantastic! I like seeing

Fantastic! I like seeing Fair Isle work in more muted colors.... most examples I see are far too bright for my tastes. Is there any chance of you showing us a picture of the entire vest?