The Ribbing Begins...

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I finished the lace portion of the scarf and have moved into the ribbing.


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Ribbing on a scarf?

Ribbing on a scarf? Interesting. Can't wait to see the finished scarf.

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Yes, the pattern calls for

Yes, the pattern calls for 2x2 ribbing for the portion of the scarf that wraps around the neck. The part of the scarf that hangs down in front of the body is the decorative lace element.

Supposed to make two halves and then join the halves with a three needle bind off in the center of the scarf. (I assume - haven't given it much thought - that the reason is that the lace pattern cannot be knitted "upside-down" for the other end. Again, I don't know this, I am just guessing.)

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you're fast! I haven't even

you're fast! I haven't even gotten to the point where I can block the fingerless mittens I'm working on, still weaving in ends :/

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Well, I had the whole day

Well, I had the whole day off with nothing else to do! I am afraid to leave the house (just quit smoking and don't want to risk getting around someone with a spare cigarette to tempt me) and once "Knitty Gritty" was over... daytime television doesn't hold much appeal for me. No kids and the cats barely tolerate my existence. So, I knit.

The ribbing is so easy, too! It's just a 2x2 so it sails.

Mittens? Now there is a challenge I have not even considered undertaking at this point! When do we get to see some "Work In Progress" photos??

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ahhh I know the feeling, I

ahhh I know the feeling, I quit smokin in april after a good scare and a lecture from my doctor. I have kids, but the 2 left at home are 16 and 18 (just today and boy doesn't she just think she's the queen), they ignore me pretty much and no cats, I prefer to be the alpha female in my home.
The mittens are cheats. *hangs head in shame* they are knit flat and seamed. I figured I would take pictures after they are done. I might soon post WIP pics of the bane of my existance, the cabled sweater I'm knitting for my fiance. But first I must drink more coffee before I even attempt to try to figure out how to post pics here :)