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Hello to you all,
My name is Lisa,
I found this site through Knitty, when I clicked the link to this site the first thing I saw was a posting for a scarf made with manos yarn. I love that yarn! I have an entire stash of manos yarn.
I am self taught knitter and I hope to learn more knitting techniques from you guys.
I live in Maryland, Southern Maryland to be a little more exact.
I am a Dental Assistant during the work week, I've been with my Dr. , helping people for 20 years.
Have a good evening all...




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Welcome Lisa, you'll find a

Welcome Lisa, you'll find a fine bunch of folks here.


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Yay and Welcome! You've

Yay and Welcome!

You've found an awesome group of folks.

Oh, and I LOVE the Nature pic!


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Welcome, Lisa- Teach us

Welcome, Lisa-

Teach us something new!

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Welcome aboard Lisa! You are

Welcome aboard Lisa! You are entering a wonderful learning and sharing site.

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Welcome Lisa. I'm sure

Welcome Lisa. I'm sure you'll like it here and learn TONS!

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Welcome, Lisa. Hope you

Welcome, Lisa. Hope you enjoy the site. It's a great place to learn and share.