Just mailed to my mum in England for her birthday


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Terrific looking scarf! 

Terrific looking scarf!  The colorway of those skeins jump right out and dance.  What I like about projects like yours is they provide challenges with various techniques to learn and improve on - particularly in picking up stitches, which if I don't put myself in the proper relaxed mode will look sloppy.  You did a great job.

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I don't use the term often,

I don't use the term often, but that's downright fabulous!

Knit away, knit awaI had

Knit away, knit awa

I had the label but it got thrown away cleaning up for Thanksgiving Day. Noro silk, wool and angora I think.

Knit away, knit awathanks

Knit away, knit awa

thanks it is Noro

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Martin,That's a beauty, very


That's a beauty, very artistic. I just mailed my sister a scarf. Is she going to be surprised to hear I knit it myself. I'm on scarf #7. Thanks for sharing the pic.