Beaded Scarf

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I just got back from a week in Michigan's Leelanau peninsula (a few pics and links to the wineries we visited are on my regular blog at: . . . wonderful.. I wish it wasn't over :-( Anyhow, I did get some knitting done though. This beaded scarf may be my favorite!

The pattern is by Deanna K. Van Assche ($6.50 at our local shop).

I used sz. 6 needles instead of sz. 5s (like she called for) and Rowan's 4-ply 100% Merino, sock weight yarn.

The pattern starts on the outside ends and finishes with a 3-needle bind-off in the middle. I've never knit with beads before but the process is essentially the same as tatting with needles so it didn't take long to pick up. I don't know if this is a pattern that's easy to find or if its a local one. If you can't find it let me know and I'll see if I can help. I also decided that it was a little short and did a yarn over in place of the beads to knit an extra 20 rows at the end of each half. Some might think it's strange but I thought it might actually be more comfortable having straight knit on the back of the neck instead of the beads.

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THAT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!! I am almost ashamed to continue making my sister-in-law's scarf as is and to find and switch to the pattern you did! You must be very proud!

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Elegant was the first word

Elegant was the first word to come to my mind. Knitting and wineries in the leelanau, very nice!

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WOW indeed!!!

WOW indeed!!! Tim, what a stunning result! Great colours. I for one would be really interested in getting the pattern - it calls out the name of a friend who would look great in it.

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WoW!! ...that's elegant!

...that's elegant!