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Anyone know if the site is down? All of a sudden I'm getting 403 forbidden errors for all my bookmarks over there.

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Went there; it's available

Went there; it's available on my piece of !@#$%%^ computer.


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Your bookmarks probably

Your bookmarks probably won't work since the site says it's a new site. When you saved your bookmarks you probably bookmarked pages on the old site. The new site's pages will have different URL's (web addresses) for each page if they did anything to restructure the site - which I'm sure they did.

By the way, the site worked fine for me.

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I don't go anywhere except

I don't go anywhere except the forum normally. I see they are using those annoying animated menu's instead of a basic dropdown box. Probably means I won't even be able to access from home anymore. They take longer to download.

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I'M ON DIAL-UP ...and just

...and just went there to see the Illusion links...loading wasn't too bad....

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There's hope then - most

There's hope then - most updates of sites these days means they timeout or down't work on my home connection. or are so slow I can't waste the time to view (45 minutes to load MySpace - for example)

The last "upgrade" to my mail server tripled the download time for my e-mail.
MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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I just checked it and I see

I just checked it and I see why it was down...Take a look at the new and improved site!!