Bugs in the Garden Shawl just blocked

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This is a shawl I knitted along with the EZasPi Yahoo Group. It's a knit-along where pattern clues are given over a period of a few weeks and knitters select which patterns they want to use to create their own particular shawl. I chose the lacier-type patterns because I wanted to create a lacey-type shawl. Many of the pattern options were picture type patterns of flowers, bugs, garden insects, etc. Therefore, the name of the knit along, "Bugs in the Garden Shawl." My shawl blocked to 72 inches across (diameter).

I finished knitting the shawl the beginning of August and finally got around to blocking it. I have never blocked anything before so was a bit overwhelmed with the notion of blocking a shawl. But I just bit the bullet and moved forward since I do want to give the shawl to my sister as a birthday present (a late present, that is.)

The photo shows the shawl still pinned out onto my make shift blocking board. I'll unpin it tomorrow when we return from our weekend away. Knit using #7 US KnitPicks Options needles. I first used a 40" needle then switched to a 60" needle.

I'm also attaching another image to show a detail of the center of the shawl. The coloring of the detail photo isn't too good. The yarn is really a nice, true red color.

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Nice Work!

Nice Work!

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Sp[ectacular Tom. Your

Sp[ectacular Tom. Your sister will love getting this present at any time of year or day. I feel that lace/shawl knitting really helps to improve technique - sometimes it will drive us crazy, but in the end the work is worth it.

If you have not given it to your sister by next Men's Knitting Circle on the 30th, bring it to show off in person.


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Thanks, Jim. I'll bring the

Thanks, Jim. I'll bring the shawl to knit night since I know I won't be giving it to my sister until we next travel to Iowa for a visit. Maybe I'll also bring my Queen Anne's Lace shawl as well.

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Tom, that's fantastic, what

Tom, that's fantastic, what beautiful work you've done. What yarn have you used, and what is your blocking board made of?

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Thanks. I used KnitPicks

Thanks. I used KnitPicks Palette yarn (color: Red) and #7 US circular needles (KnitPicks Options needles). I made my blocking board out of four sheets of rigid insulation that I bought at a home improvement store. The sheets are each 2 feet x 8 feet (61 cm x 244 cm). I duct tape the four sheets together (you can see some of the tape under the shawl if you look carefully.) It made a very large blocking board which almost filled my bedroom when I placed it on my bed to do the blocking. But, since the shawl is 72" in diameter (183 cm), I needed a large board. When I finished blocking, I just wrapped the insulation panels with plastic and stowed them away until I need to block my next shawls. I have one more shawl completed and two on the needles.

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I just envy shawl

I just envy shawl knitters.

You've done SO well. I do love looking at all of the shawl work and the lacework that's been done.

Sometimes I wish I had the knack to do this type of stuff, but then again...I'm a sweater knitter because that's what I love to do...but I love to see all of the beautiful shawls that have been done, with the different patterns.

...and as much as I practically worship Elizabeth Zimmermann and her works, I just have a better interest in the other things...mostly sweaters, of course...

Oh, but you've done very well!


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Thanks for all your kind

Thanks for all your kind words. Really appreciated.

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See? Told ya it would be

See? Told ya it would be fine!

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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What a wonderful piece of

What a wonderful piece of knitting. Your sister is going to so pleased.

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Wow. This is incredibly

Wow. This is incredibly nice.

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Fantastic piece Tom!!!

Fantastic piece Tom!!! I can only echo all the comments that have already been said. I hope that you are rightfully proud of your work.

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What a wonderful idea that

What a wonderful idea that knit-along seems to be - and the shawl is astonishingly beautiful! Asplund

This is gorgeous.

This is gorgeous. Congratulations. Your sister is very lucky.

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I love it! I have always

I love it! I have always like the "mystery" type projects. it's fun to see what you end up with.

Amazing! No other word

Amazing! No other word seems to work for me.....it's just an amazing piece. I'm sure it's going to become an heirloom that will be cherished for years to come.

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EZasPI? It doesn't look it

EZasPI? It doesn't look it to me - wow, it's fantastic! The colour and design are beautifully complimentary. Thanks for showing it to us blocked. Your sister is going to love it!

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What a work of art!

What a work of art! Excellent!

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That's BEAUTIFUL!!! ...what

...what a lot of work!