On a roll?

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Well I just finished a hat that I started yesterday. I am amazed that I would have been finished the same day if I did not have interruptions! It is an easy pattern I got out of Stitch 'n Bitch. I, of coursed, modified the colors to my liking. I am pretty happy with myself. Also, I have learned a lot from the book, I am just not too keen on how "girlie" the book can be. And I do intend to one day knit a sweater for my man. If that spells the end of my relationship...then it was pretty weak to begin with!


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Great to hear about the SnB

Great to hear about the SnB sweater. I was eyeballing that one. I have already let him know that he needs to wear it at least once unless I say he does not have to. Period.


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Very cute hat. I think you

Very cute hat. I think you and your guy have been through tougher moments than the knitting of a sweater. Get those needles clicking.

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Just be sure you get a

Just be sure you get a pre-knitual agreement before you cast on! Very cool looking hat too.

FYI, I made The Manly Sweater from SnB and it came out very nice.