"Cardamom" sweater

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A sweater I knitted for my mother in 2000. Yarn: Danish Tvinni (merino wool); needles 2.5 mm. Cable patterns from Vogue Dictionary of Knitting Stitches.


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Totally awesome, cables are

Totally awesome, cables are my favourite thing! Great Work.

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Beautiful, cabled sweaters

Beautiful, cabled sweaters is really why I wanted to learn how to knit, I love them. Beautiful work!

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Yes, a lot of cables. But

Yes, a lot of cables. But because they are so fine, and delicate, they aren't so over-powering. The colour is very even and subdued (best choice for cables), which results in an over-all tactile feeling to the sweater. Only upon closer inspection do you see the intricate details of the patterning.

What truly makes is an exquisite example of knitting is in the finishing details-- the collar and the hem. Truly something to be proud of!

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So many nice comments so

So many nice comments so quickly - thank you! I'm thrilled!

This is really gorgeous, and

This is really gorgeous, and what patience to knit it on such fine needles.

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Gorgeous! I especially like

Gorgeous! I especially like the collar. Well done!

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Stunning - Great work.

Stunning - Great work. Congrats.

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Do I detect a pun on the

Do I detect a pun on the spice?

A lot of cabled items look too "busy" to me, but this, though there is a *lot* of cable activity does not. Which means to me well designed! Congratulations.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Thank you MMario! To tell

Thank you MMario! To tell you the truth, I was worried it would look "busy" too, but was eager to try some new cable patterns. As for the pun, yes and no! I noticed it turned into a pun when translated into English, but in Swedish it isn't.

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that's VERY beautiful!!!

that's VERY beautiful!!!