proud moment

ok so first time blogging here. never really had anything to say till now. i just completed my first crochet blanket. i know this is a knitting site but i do both. and this one im really proud of. it took me about 3 weeks with bernat's soft boucle yarn in navy blue and it came out really well.

Im attempting to create the dog tooth blanket from *knitting with balls* next. after i finish a zip up hoodie that ive almost completed.


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Very effective!!!

Very effective!!! Love that pattern!!!

Fantastic job!

Fantastic job!

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Hey Piper! Looks Great!

Hey Piper!

Looks Great!

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Looks good, just what you

Looks good, just what you needs for the cooler nights ahead.

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Nice, I love to crochet, I

Nice, I love to crochet, I crochet quicker than I can knit so when I want something that's more of an instant gratification thing, I crochet. It keeps me from getting too discouraged in my knitting too.

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Looks well done. What size?

Looks well done. What size? (Not that size matterrs - but. . .)
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