Pattern for boxers

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Hey, just wondering if anyone knows of a pattern for boxers (or any other guys underwear, actually)? Been looking around and haven't really seen anything...

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Whoa spiffy spiffy!! Thanks!

Whoa spiffy spiffy!! Thanks! (I am NOT making the thong.... not for me anyway.... maybe I can make it and have someone model it for me... ;-)

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Queer Joe has a pattern on

Queer Joe has a pattern on his blog site.

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There is a pattern for a

There is a pattern for a thong on listed under "men's clothing." It was originally from No, I have not made it and, no, I would not model it for a pic to post if I did! LOL

Ja, Ja Genau! Please

Ja, Ja Genau! Please go:

I posted this on my MWK blog many months ago. Look to pg. 3 of my listings. Or not. The above link will connect you to the pattern. Do 'em in silk, for Heaven's sake!

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Look at Knit

Look at Knit Picks

Finished Size:
Men’s S (M, L, XL): 28” (30.5”, 33.5”, 39”) waist
Men’s: Knit Picks Shine Sport
US Size 5 (3.75 mm): 24” circular needles
Adjust needle size if necessary to obtain correct
Stitch holder
Elastic (optional)
Stitch markers (2 different colors)
Yarn needle