Autumn Rainbow Shawl

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or " Flashback to the Sixties" - which is what my sister says it should be named.

Photo is attached as a file. Not yet blocked.

this is knit on US 10.l5 needles - using 5 skeins (100 yds each) of hand-dyed and hand-spun wool from The Merry Little Lamb - who coerced obligingly sold them to me on Columbus Day at the Connecticut Renaissance Festival in Hebron, CT. The ladies also gave me a seat in the shade; performed as an audience for my singing for about two hours; functioned as a swift so I could wind the first skein, and allowed me to knit at their booth.

This was after the forced talked me into returning to my vehicle for my checkbook so I could buy the yarn. I'd seen it last year - couldn't pass it up two years in a row, right? Of course, right!

Three skeins of various shades of madder , then two skeins of Brazilwood w/ vinager. The last 50 yards or so of the Brazilwood I included a strand of jaegerspun maine line Burgandy heather along with it (2/14 thickness - I think) ; then the final band is the burgandy heather doublestranded to match the thickness of the handspun from The Merry Little Lamb.

BTW - drop spindle was being demoed by a guy.

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That's really

That's really great.....definitely a photo of it blocked.

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Mario, that is truly

Mario, that is truly beautiful. I'm with Jesse and would like to see it blocked.

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Reminds me more of the

Reminds me more of the '70's! But, I think it's fantastic. Do we get to see it blocked? I sure hope so!

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Hope to have it blocked by

Hope to have it blocked by the weekend - but you never know.

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