Etsy, anyone?

So I went to my second group of knitters this weekend (none were male, btw), and I heard about a delicious little site called I'm sure that everyone has probably heard of it, but if you haven't, it's a site where you can buy and sell hand-made goods of all sorts of varieties. If nothing else, it's a great source for inspiration. It's quite nifty, really.

Has anyone had any experience selling on this site? Mostly, the pricing seems fair, but I certainly couldn't make a "living" off of it.

And the sweater is coming along -- still haven't made it to the "hard" part, but I'm getting there! Also working on a sock...and a scarf...



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Etsy is great! I love that

Etsy is great! I love that there is a spot out there for artist sellers (and buyers) that **isn't** Ebay, whose policies I have issues with at times.

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I've bought yarn there...but

I've bought yarn there...but dyers only do small amounts...
and I've gotten some fun stitch markers...

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I really love Etsy!! It is

I really love Etsy!! It is such a wonderful site. I have not had any experience selling stuff on the site nor have I bought anything for that matter... Mostly, I just drool over the wonderful handmade/hand-dyed yarns ^_^ Eventually I'd like to buy some...

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A coworker of mine sells

A coworker of mine sells some stuff there. She's had limited success, but loves buying things from other Etsy folks. I wonder if a good portion of their trade happens within the Etsy community...