Just Going Slow

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Hey everyone! I am now recovering from a hard drive crash due to my partner stepping on my computer. Yes he stepped on it. Not on purpose, but he did. Its a long story. So I have pretty much a brand new computer with all of the stuff on my old computer totally lost.

So, on to knitting stuff. I finished my bag. I like it for the most part. I am trying to rethink the handle. but all the same, I like it. enjoy the pics. I don't have any current projects going, but the change in weather has got me thinking of hats and scarfs and what not. I am still considering trying my hand at a sweater... we'll see.


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Yes it was. I have most of

Yes it was. I have most of my stuff backed up but I still lost a good bit. The new stuff that just didn't quite make it to the back up drive. Oh well.

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Bag looks great. Good job.

Bag looks great. Good job. Sorry to hear about the computer. Bet that was a big pain.