Wow! It's More Than Two Inches!

Here's my first project that I haven't abandoned yet. I got it from a how-to book as one of the first projects when I was reading up on knitting. It's supposed to be a solid color scarf, but I wanted some stripes, dammit.

I kinda wish I used a different yarn though, I didn't expect I'd stick with it. I've been working at it off and on for about a month and a half, and it's going quicker now that I finally got the hang of Continental method.

It's more than two inches long! This one's for the record books!


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Yes, the stripes make the

Yes, the stripes make the scarf! Smart move there. I haven't yet attempted to switch colors in a project, still seems a bit intimidating to me. Good luck on finishing ;)

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for me 3 inches is the

for me 3 inches is the hurtle point, if I can make it past 3 inches I usually finish a project. I love knitting scarves. They make great gifts. I like the stripes, would have been too boring without them.