Heard a remark that there are no straight male knitters. I know this to be false but am curious: What is your sexuality?

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18% (29 votes)
73% (120 votes)
5% (8 votes)
1% (1 vote)
1% (2 votes)
"I don't like labels."
1% (1 vote)
"I don't know yet." (a.k.a. "Curious")
1% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
"I opt not to disclose."
1% (2 votes)
Total votes: 165


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Wow!!! That was certainly

Wow!!! That was certainly interesting reading! I'd almost forgotten what the question was! Ok, I am Gay and I like to refer to myself as a fagala! And as I've never met another man who knits or crochets, I wouldn't know if there were more straight or gay men who did it. I'm the only man, that I know, who knits! Gay or otherwise.
Thus the reason for seeking out this site! Personally, anyone's sexuality is never an issue with me unless you happen to be really, really cute and I wanna give your undercarriage a bit of a "How's your father!"

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I'm Presbyterian

I'm Presbyterian

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LMAO! Great answer!

LMAO! Great answer!

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So, my question is...why is

So, my question is...why is there not an option for slutty? That is how I always answer this question. I have yet to have someone not laugh, and then take me home with them....

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I think that we have to look

I think that we have to look deeper into who we are than sexual attraction when looking at knitting and why we knit.
Science is now starting to unravel why a person is straight or gay etc. It seems to boil down to how we were cooked in our mothers’ womb.
Gay men's brains fire in the same way as straight women, when tested with various tests from looking at porn to reading a map and explaining directions.
Men, who have older brothers, are more likely to be Gay. The more older brothers you have the higher percentage chance of being Gay. This is down to testosterone production during the first Trimester of pregnancy. The larger a number of sons a woman produces the better her body becomes at blocking testosterone. This results in making her unborn son less likely to be attracted to women in later life.
If you look at your hand laid face down. See if your ring fingers are longer than your index fingers.
If they are equal in length then you are very likely to be straight. If the ring finger is longer than your index finger then you are more likely to be gay.
This brings most people to the conclusion that we are born gay and all the indoctrination by family, religion or society will not be able to change it.
Take this information to the logical conclusion, it that happens for sexuality then why cant it happen for artistic ability as well?
Bad cooks tend to buy, ready meals. Good cooks tend to explore ingredients and take over the kitchen regardless of who else lives in the home. Artists will doodle on anything from canvas to a till receipt or draw in the dirt. Creative knitters will put clothes on the backs of their loved ones. Bad knitters will buy the wool and give it to someone else to make the garment for them.
I’m firmly of the opinion that we are all born with a mental disposition that will shape or lives for good or bad. The sooner this is leant by society the better for all.

There are gay knitters?

There are gay knitters? Where? I need to meet one. LOL

I am a manager of fabric shop of the largest chain in Canada. People really have no doubt about who I am. And it wouldn't bother me anyway. I am just my own man ---- unfortunately. LOL


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Those of us that have been

Those of us that have been around for a long time have had this discussion here before. Perhaps it might be a good idea for you to seach the archives and see what was said at that time. Things haven't changed that much since then.

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I am transgendered but I

I am transgendered but I voted straight, because I am a man and have a girlfriend, and my gender does not determine my sexuality :)


In omos do fheile
Ollmhor na cruinne
Gabhaim buiochad
Roimh mo chuid.

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Gay, but all of the male

Gay, but all of the male knitters I've met around here are hetero. Kind of sucks.

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Yup - GAY. Though I've been

Yup - GAY. Though I've been out of the proverbial gay closet for many years it still took a small amount of courage to enter a yarn shop, ask questions, join a knitting group, take classes and knit at the local Pete’s.

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DJ 100% Gay (I don't like

DJ 100% Gay (I don't like the word homosexual so much: sounds like a reall disease ;-)

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Shopaholic :)

Shopaholic :)

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i guess by some standards

i guess by some standards i'm gay... i am attracted to guys in general...

but as of lately... a lot (emphasis on a lot) lately... no one has caught my attention... i guess thats why i picked asexual... i guess you have to be attracted to someone to then be labled as hetero, homo, or bi...

i think transgenderedism is more so about who you believe you are as a being rather than who you like...

i have to say that i agree with mmario... i was suprised not to see pansexual on the list... personally if given the opportunity i'm sure i'd hit it off well with alien life forms... if the sex involved weren't too crazy... i wonder if i'd be only attracted to male aliens... or hermaphordites... or eunuchs... man the list can go on... is it wrong of me that i'd have sex with an alien before having sex with the human female... hummm... things to ponder before falling asleep...

i will also agree that it is irrelevant to point out the connection between knitting and sexuality... given the fact that it originated amongst men (whether straight or what have you)... as a side note... i fail to see how who i fuck has anything to do with how well i knit... i don't see myself asking my sex partner to hand me my cable needle while busy with our encounter...

ok i'm going to stop ranting raving... i see enough people have already done so... i will bid you all a good night and see you in the morning...


quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that i may wet my mind and say something clever.

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I've actually had no problem

I've actually had no problem with anybody questioning my sexuality because of the fact that I knit. And keep in mind I'm not the epitemy of straight male.

"You knit?"
"OK. Cool"

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Hmmmmm... Went to a Men's

Hmmmmm... Went to a Men's Knitting night at my favorite yarn shop. Well, yes hoping to meet a nice guy with the obvious shared interest. Really nice group and surprisingly not small at all. If you can believe it not a gay man in sight. I felt a little weird! LOL I chuckled to myself the whole night. There they sat talking about what they had knit for their wives, their wives and for their children. Just my luck! If this says anything to you...

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That ain't right. If you

That ain't right. If you can meet a swell fella at your local knitting circle, what's a guy to do?

ha, what a fun poll.

ha, what a fun poll.

straight, gay, it doesn't matter really. boys just like playing with their sticks, it seems to be a natural progression.

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well put!

well put!

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What difference does it make. What population has to understand is that knitting was a mans domain, where you had to complete an apprenticeship to call yourself a knitter, so were all our fore fathers a bunch of knitting nancies or men who just happened to be knitters.

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Yes, I voted. Yes, I'm one

Yes, I voted. Yes, I'm one of them who like the males of the species. Yes, I knit like there's no tomorrow. Yes, it was men -- manly men at that -- who were the ones to have invented the craft, activity, hobby, passion, obsession, whatever you want to call it.

...but I promise I won't hold it against them poor ladies who think they have the hand of the craft...hee hee...


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I think it's sad the

I think it's sad the question has been asked.
I'm proud that this site is about knitting...and not sex.

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I don't object to the

I don't object to the question being asked, answered or discussed - but I think it's about as relative to knitting as "How many of you have red hair?" or "How many of us are allergic to shellfish?"

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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I have red hair. I'm not

I have red hair.

I'm not allergic to shellfish.


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Agreed. After showing my

Agreed. After showing my friend several vids from youtube (found thanks to contributors here on menwhoknit) as well as different excerpts from various books I own ("Knitting with Balls" and "Men Who Knit & The Dogs Who Love Them"), it was still an uphill battle to convince them that knitting is not inherently gay, straight, masculine, feminine, or whatever other category...

I know it's not really my job to convince people that "male knitter" does not = "gay male," but I don't want people to make that incorrect assumption.

I only asked the question because I was curious to see what range of men we have represented here. I have certainly enjoyed the affirmation that gay men are not the only men who knit. I like having a group of people that I connect with and have common ground with without that commonality being job or sexuality. Nevertheless, in this day and age (and probably even long before this day and age), it's just virtually impossible not to put off someone or insult them, even when you're being careful and benign. :-)

I'm glad people are responding to the poll, though. It gives me more concrete "proof." LMAO

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knitting brings out the

knitting brings out the queen in me. not only do i love it, but i love designing when i get really into a project...and then in gets the creative juices flowing even more

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Whomever made the comment

Whomever made the comment that there are no straight male knitters obviously has a tough time making a mental distinction between a person's hobbies and their sexual orientation. Perhaps they should be seeing a shrink. LOL

I've personally found it to be a great way of breaking the ice with the ladies.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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I wonder how many Linux

I wonder how many Linux users knit... So far, we have two here! :)

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Here too - make that four

Here too - make that four Linux users...

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another new Knitter here,

another new Knitter here, straight, Linux all the way baby!

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Or Mac users? Begrudgingly,

Or Mac users?

Begrudgingly, I am a PC user...Windows Vista.................

I want a MacBook Pro. LOL

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Unless you mean only liking

Unless you mean only liking transgender people, being trans is not a sexuality.

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This was my attempt at being

This was my attempt at being all-inclusive. I figured if I didn't put transgendered, I would have someone complaing that I didn't. No offense intended.

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I think you included just

I think you included just about everything - though I have to admit - aside from "pansexual" - I'm almost afraid to ask what would fall under "other" given the options included as alternate choices.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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LOL Yes...I'm sure people

LOL Yes...I'm sure people could get more specific about that "other" category...but really...would we want them to? LOL I'm afraid of the unknown, therefore... ;-)

P.S. I'm not really afraid of the unknown or I would never have picked up knitting. ;-)

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Well, I'm all for

Well, I'm all for inclusiveness. But I know that my wife might not like it if I didn't acknowledge my attraction to the lady species:) No offense taken.

You know, I actually think

You know, I actually think that my knitting brings out my masculine side...