Will somebody please stop this ride?

I have been so crazed by work that I have only been able to check in here to see what's going on, hardly even had a moment to think of what to blog! I am knitting some facings for the zipper that is going to go into a cardigan, I expect to have those done tonight and then I have no reason not to go buy the zipper and prewash the whole mess so that I can, you know, have Have A Sweater. I just started a pullover in Cascade 220 Superwash, the Lake Chelan Heather and it's sooo beatiful. I'm so happy to be knitting in the round mindlessly again after the trials and tribulations of the ribbed cardigan. A stitch pattern, no matter how simple, just complicates things.

I keep planning projects, but it seems that knit just happens.


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Hmmm, interesting. I find

Hmmm, interesting. I find that having an actual pattern to knit keeps me from getting bored with it.

To each his own I suppose.


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