So my best friend's mom...

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Just went through her old stash, looking for "boy colors" for her son-in-knitting-law and a box arrived at my door with about a metric ton of Rowan Chunky Recycled Tweed in it...

I don't want to start another sweater until my first one is finished (Yeah, I know...)...

Of course, it sits there in my room, staring at me while I sleep. What are some ideas to give this angry mass of fiber some form?


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Just to say I think

Just to say I think "son-in-knitting-law" is a brilliant word! Asplund

Oooh, I'm so envious! I

Oooh, I'm so envious! I have about a metric ton of girly stuff! Rather expensive I assume, but an odd befuddlement -- if someone gives you more eyelash and glittery puffy stuff than you know what to do with, well, what do you do with it? I feel your pain.

I agree with YugiDean -- you should make some stuffed animals! Try to invent some unusual knitted critters...that would be awesome!

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Or stuffed animals. THey're

Or stuffed animals. THey're always super cute. :-)

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I was thinking hats myself,

I was thinking hats myself, but that's probably because I am knitting one at the moment LOL


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Hats are nice Quick easy

Hats are nice

Quick easy gifties.

Maybe something for the kind woman herself?

Me? I just want a tea cozie.

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you should make mittens

you should make mittens --they have some cool ipod mittens on
or make some socks for the cold winter coming