Any guys in the Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill NC area?

Hey, I just recently moved up to the tri-city region of North Carolina to take a job as an actor. I've been going to a knitting group on Thursdays, but I was wondering if there were any GUY knitters in the area! If so, would anyone be interested in starting a group?

I personally LOVE the combination of knitting and beer, any takers?

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I've combined knitting and

I've combined knitting and wine plnty of times. Don't care for beer though. Except Guinness. I'd love to get a men's knitting group going here in Albany but it really seems as if I'm the only one.

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I agree on the knitting and

I agree on the knitting and beer combo, but am all the way down in FL. No guy knitting groups here either.


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