Fisherman Knit Sweater for my greyhound

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As I mentioned in my last entry, I have started my fisherman knit sweater for my greyhound, Ernie. I found the pattern online. There was no picture to it but as per the directons it indicated that there would be a cable and trinty panel. It sounded good, so off I went and started right in. As you may be able to see there is 4 panels of cable with 4 inter-twined cables and three panels with a trinity stich. I will need to build this pattern until piece measures 26 inches and then neck is started. This will be a very interesting project as I have never attempted making a sweater for my dog. Once I get a bit further along with this I will try and post more pictures on this.


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So, your greyhound

So, your greyhound fishes?



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Ohhhhh... If only it came in

Ohhhhh... If only it came in about 25% the size of the one you're making -- We have an Italian Greyhound; she'd swim in your sweater, but it's awesome. I can't wait to see the finished product.

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Try this:

Try this:

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Knit1Prall2 Thanks for the


Thanks for the information. I will take a look and see. Thanks again.