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Jinx.com has a killer shirt for sale that I'm willing to bet at least a few of you will be whipping out your credit cards for. I'm waiting for a hoodie version for the winter season, but here's the link for anyone interested in seeing just how popular knitting has become!



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Thanks for passing the site

Thanks for passing the site along. Love finiding those t-shirts that can appeal to the male knitter. Can find room with my "man enough to knit, strong enough to purl" tee that always brings a smile when I wear it down the street.
Keep posting to the site. You bring a lot of interesting information and creative thought to the table.

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maybe we should knit a

maybe we should knit a hoodie...with the design in intarsia and duplicate stitch !!!

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What company do you work

What company do you work for? Or are you just independant? Maybe it's just myself but your MySpace and everything else seems to have a price tag attatched. Perhaps I'm wrong. Hope so.

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I work for Garmin

I work for Garmin International (the GPS device company).

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I'm adding that to the

I'm adding that to the birthday wishlist!

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Great T! Does the bloke

Great T! Does the bloke come with it? I'm going to order through amazon.com with my next lot of knitting books. Thanks for posting this.

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amazon.com offers it, too?

amazon.com offers it, too? Didn't know that! It's probably cheaper there! LOL I tried to find a website that lets you print stuff on hoodies so I could gank the picture and slap it on a hoodie, but I was unable to locate one. :-) Looks like I'll just have to wait. Heh.

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Cool, I like

Cool, I like it.


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love those... ...gave some

love those...
...gave some to guys in the Monday Night Knit group last year...
wish they did make a hoodie!

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That's nice of you! The

That's nice of you! The comments section on that page has several people asking for hoodies, so maybe jinx will listen. It only makes sense, if you ask me, to make a hoodie for a hobby whose peak season is winter!...well...I'm assuming that would be the peak season, but since I started knitting, I've discovered there's still tones of stuff you can knit for spring, summer, and fall! Heh.