Hey you handsome hunks of knitting knowledge!

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Thought I was dead huh? Well you thought wrong. Aaron you might be a Yankee but you're still one hot guy. OKC .. we still need to hook up Mr. Sexy, and Gabe if you are still out there suffering in Tulsa land I miss you. (Texas/OU game next week. Gonna get your butt kicked)

Ok you collective knitting heads. I am looking for a kick-ass Christmas stocking pattern to knit. I've surfed the web and all I have found is mediocre.

Miss y'all but will aim better next time. Winks and hugs,



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Chris, You might want to

Chris, You might want to check out this recent posting:


I ordered these patterns and are waiting for them to arrive. The link Ron gave to Mary Maxim site doesn't work but here is another:


I am going to order from them as well.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Hey Chris, nce seeing your smiling face also

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Thanks Andres. Hope all

Thanks Andres. Hope all things are good in the City! I'd kill to do Sunday brunch again at Hamburger Marys.

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Chris, I have a pattern you

Chris, I have a pattern you might like. I'll scan it and email it to you.
And if you have to come to Buffalo, you might as well come to Albany too. It's only a few hours drive.

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Arron, you sexy hunk of man

Arron, you sexy hunk of man flesh. (Still a Yankee though. Well nobody's perfect), I knew I could count on you to shoot something my way! You still have my email address right? (cjvandenburg@yahoo.com) And handsome, how 'bout I skip Albany this trip and you head down here to Dallas. The State Wonderful started yesterday (if it's 'fair' in the rest of the country, it's 'wonderful' in Texas) and we could ahhh... ummm... yeh that's it.., ride something! That and I'm lookin' pretty good today. Had my face exfoliated. Some people just need to learn to shave closer.

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LOL Evil lives forever sexy

LOL Evil lives forever sexy man... we had no worry about you ;-)
Glad to see you around. ::huggs... kisses...:

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Vince, don't make me wear my

Vince, don't make me wear my scanties and shuffle off to Buffalo! I'ts good to see your sweet cheeks are still around.