Color Stranding and A Yarn Guide

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I hope you enjoy the Video


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Your YouTube videos are

Your YouTube videos are always fun. I really liked seeing your hats modeled.

As for the yarn guide, a couple of comments for people that haven't used one. First, be a little careful if you have thick fingers. There may be yarn guides that exist for such people, but I have yet to see one. The metal one I tried, I couldn't even get over the first joint of my finger. The plastic one was designed a little better, with slits down the side to let it expand. I could get it on, but it pinched terribly.

The other thing I should mention is that while it might be possible to knit English style with one, it would take some doing. You can't cast one strand of yarn without moving the others, so you'd somehow have to use the needle to pull out the strand you want. With the carrier and needle both in the right hand, I think it would take some amazing dexterity to pull that off. Maybe a knitting belt would help?

Now that I think about it, the metal one was designed a bit differently than the one in Andy's video, with one strand on top and one strand on the bottom. That one might work better for an English knitter.

Would this littler gadget

Would this littler gadget also work for those of us who hold our wool in our right hands and 'throw' it?

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
I am sure that the yarn guide is ambidiestrous, for left and right, I see no reason why it can not be used for the purposes that you mention. I always wondered if this yarn guide really worked and if someoneone had showed it to me , I would have bought one long time ago. lol! Metals ones , I will look for those as well.

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The metal ones are available

The metal ones are available from Schoolhouse Press (Meg Swanson).

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Hi Andy - How cool! The

Hi Andy - How cool! The ability to watch and listen to another MWK member brings a whole new dimension to this men knitters' community! Maybe more of us should investigate posting short videos here!

I've been curious to know about the yarn guides. I've seen the metal ones. I'm now thinking seriously about ordering one. When the current jumper is completed, I'm going to change the method I use to knit and maybe this little tool might be a good thing to have.

Thanks for sharing!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

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