My First Pattern - Published!

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Hey Everyone! Just wanted to announce that my first design was published by knitty and is in the current (Fall07) issue! Many of you have already seen it, but I was in Poland for the last few days and haven't been able to post. You can check it out at or the direct link:

Heres a photo as well:


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Wow! What a cute sweater! I

Wow! What a cute sweater! I think I'll try it out--one I get done with the bear, the scarf, and the hat..... Seriously, congrats!

i just started this a couple

i just started this a couple days ago, and its a lot of fun to knit. i changed the red for a violet and the blue for a green, but thats just because i like those colors. i can't wait to finish it to wear it. it's totally something i would buy somewhere. do you have any other trendy sweater patterns (published or not) that you could send my way?

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Thanks for all the kind

Thanks for all the kind words, guys! If anyone decides to make the sweater I would appreciate any feedback! And I highly recommend submitting your patterns to knitty, they really provide a great service for designers on the web.

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Congratulations!! It's an

It's an awesome sweater.

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...we're all very proud of you, Nathan!

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Excellent..............keep up the terrific design talent!

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Congratulations. It is a

Congratulations. It is a lovely sweater.

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Awesome!!! Congratulations


Congratulations to you.


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Congrats. Congrats.

Congrats. Congrats. Congrats!

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Congratualations!!! What an

Congratualations!!! What an accomplishment to be proud of!

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Well done! Not only

Well done! Not only succeeding in getting your pattern published, but it's looking great as well. Another one on the list...

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Congratulations! I love the

Congratulations! I love the design, and getting it published in Knitty is a good first step in name recognition for your eventual book. I'll definitely be getting it when it comes out, after seeing this example of your style.

Congratulations! It looks

Congratulations! It looks really good. I like the idea of MEN designing for men. Good for you.

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Wow! Now you're playing in

Wow! Now you're playing in the big boys league! I think the jumper rightly deserves to be published - it's very smart. I like the design and the colours. The photos are great, too. Congratulations - your work is excellent!

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Congratulations! MMario -


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