New Knitting Podcast

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There is a new podcast by a knitting guy you might want to have a listen to:


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I saw that one on David

I saw that one on David Reidy's Sticks and String podcast site, but haven't listened yet. What did you think of it?

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I think it has great

I think it has great potential. It's new and Eric is still getting the site's format sorted. He seems to have talent and interest so I predict it will only get better. I enjoyed the first 2 programmes but I thought there were too many topics and not enough depth to any of them. I was glad that he didn't fall into the trap of trying to mimic some of the other podcasts which are riddled with inane silliness (in my opinion) which doesn't interest me at all. I listen faithfully each week to Sticks & String because I enjoy the format and content. I intend to continue to listen to Eric's podcasts to see how he develops them. It's always great to listen to another guy discussing knitting!

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he's new on Ravelry...I

he's new on Ravelry...I asked him to join us...don't think he has yet...