Fall Knitty is up!

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Items of interest at my first glance:

Muir - a leaf and lattice shawl

henry - a wide textrued scarf that could become a textured lap-rop or shawl if extended

percy - a shoulder bag (they call it a purse) in cotton, (therefore not felted) which could be adapted as a knitting bag or even laptop case.

totally autumn - a throw which could easily adapt to a shawl

diamond waffle socks

ann article on using a plunger to felt

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It was Nathan, a.k.a.

It was Nathan, a.k.a. KilgoreTrout. His pattern is P.P.R., the Patch Pocket Raglan.

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You forgot to mention that

You forgot to mention that one of our own was published!

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Who is/was it?

Who is/was it?

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I missed it too! ...so WHO

I missed it too!
...so WHO did we miss?

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that's 'cause I missed it

that's 'cause I missed it meself!

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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It was KilgoreTrout.... here

It was KilgoreTrout.... here take a look...