Hey Guys - hope y'all had a good weekend?? T'was beautiful in these parts...and, started me thinking that I would really like to get some new patterns. Have any fave websites for patterns? Free downloads always a plus. Thanks!


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I highly recommend

I highly recommend, as some of the others have as well. I also check out Shes got some great cute patterns, all with flair and style....

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Lion Brand

Lion Brand ( and Knitty ( are the two that I've found that provide a good selection of free knitting patterns.
Other sites that have on occassion had patterns of interest are: which also provides links to other sites to explore, and the following sites have a few for the fellas:,,, and Some of these sites do require a membership login that is a free process. If you're not interested in recieving a bunch of emailings from them, be sure to read through the signup and deselect the options for their mailings.
A browse through some of the magazine sites sometimes have web exclusive pattern of interest. A look through the following may have something of interest from time to time:, and
The Vogue magazine site is currently under construction, but, has had a couple of pattens previously. The site can be found at:
Hope this helps.

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My favorite is

My favorite is -- they have everything under the sun on one site!

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then there is Drops designs

then there is Drops designs from GarnStudios

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Hi MMario, Thank you for

Hi MMario,
Thank you for posting this site.
I'd not encountered or read of it previously. All I can say is: WOW!! what a wonderful place to explore (but, I'd best tighten the purse strings as having so many wonderful potetial projects could throw the budget out the window).

rjcb3's picture has all sorts has all sorts of free patterns... just have to register your email...that's your login, with them, actually.

They have some really decent things...and a variety of stuff, too.

If you do any charity work, then I have a bunch of sites that have free patterns -- but are for charity purposes and uses only. also has some good patterns.